What is Atlandot?

What is Atlandot?
Atlandot chat is a non professional platform developed as an exercise by Publicicat. This is a learning sample to show some developer skills and it has been written under Open source (PHP-3.0) license.

Why this?
Code is one of my passions and nowadays it has become one of my main hobbies.

How long Atlandot will be available?
Well..., this is a DEMO. So, who knows!

What about my data in Atlandot?
All the data that you can upload into Atlandot belongs to you. You decide what to share, when and with who. The platform provides to you a tool to store the chats where you participate based in jsPDF library. Atlandot also has been build with the main user's interface elements that let you to delete all the data that you stored in Atlandot platform at any time. Atlandot is a DEMO, so no security of any kind is provided.

Where do I have to write to get in touch with the developer team?
Please, send us a message at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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